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Eastern Wisconsin Excellence in Education


Calling all Community Members, Staff and Students please nominate some of our incredible staff to be recognized at this new event!  Nominations are open today and close on February 4. It will only take a minute. Click this link to nominate.

We are excited to announce that twenty-seven school districts are partnering with Channel 5 to recognize exceptional school employees in a program called the “Eastern Wisconsin Excellence in Education" awards.  This program is similar to the “Golden Apple” and “Shining Stars” programs in Green Bay and the Fox Valley.

This program allows parents, students, community members, and staff to nominate deserving school employees in the following categories:  

  • Innovation in work (How has the employee demonstrated innovation in his/her work area?)
  • Culture creator in the work environment (How has the employee gone above and beyond in creating a positive school culture?)
  • Social/emotional well-being (How has the employee impacted the social/emotional well-being of students and/or the school environment?)
  • Community involvement (How has the employee positively impacted the community?)
  • Student connection (In what ways has the employee built positive relationships with students?) 

Nominations need to be submitted by February 4, 2022.  Following the submission deadline, a panel of judges will review each nomination to determine finalists.  These finalists will then be asked to elaborate on the work outlined in the nomination.  The judges will then select the award recipients in each of the five categories.

The awards show ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 14, 2022 at the Kiel Area School District Performing Arts Center.  The program will be live streamed on Channel 5’s, website.

Nominations can be made by following a link on the Chilton School District Website or by following the link here

Annelin, Ms. Josephine6158MS Choir; HS Vocal MusicE-mail
Arendt, Mr. Michael4388ES/HS Physical EdE-mail
Bartel, Mr. Steve4310 / 4330HS Vocational Arts, Career CapstoneE-mail
Bartels, Mr. Tracy4371HS ScienceE-mail
Bartels, Mrs. Stephanie4372HS ScienceE-mail
Beauchamp, Mrs. AnneCustodialE-mail
Behnke, Mr. Corey4319MS/HS Physical Ed, Activities DirectorE-mail
Bennin, Mrs. LaurieHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Blaha, Ms. Michelle2209School NurseE-mail
Cisler, Mrs. Leah4361HS FACEE-mail
Delebreau, Mr. James4358HS MathematicsE-mail
Eibs, Ms. EmilyHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Fesing, Ms. BeverlyCustodialE-mail
Fhlug, Mrs. KellyHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Fictum, Mrs. ColleenHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Frank, Mrs. JillHS Nutrtion
Freiherr, Mrs. MaryHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Fritz, Mrs. TanyaHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Gilsdorf, Ms. MaryHS Physical TherapistE-mail
Gozdziewski, Mr. Rocky4355HS Physical EdE-mail
Gruel, Mrs. NoreenHS Nutrition
Handrich, Mr. Andrew4911District School Resource OfficerE-mail
Holze, Mr. David4357HS MathematicsE-mail
Johnson, Mr. Luke2247MS/HS Speech & Language TherapistE-mail
Keskinen, Mrs. Amanda4359HS SpanishE-mail
Knaus, Mrs. Cathi6209School PsychologistE-mail
Knepfel, Mrs. Rebecca4311HS School CounselorE-mail
Kochan, Ms. Michelle4317MS/HS BandE-mail
Kolbe, Mrs. MaryHS Nutrition
Kopf, Mr. Daniel4313Head Buildings and GroundsE-mail
Kopf, Mrs. LindaCustodialE-mail
Legault, Ms. Ibelice4301HS Admin AssistantE-mail
Mallmann, Mr, Daniel4374HS Cognitive DisabilityE-mail
Maurer, Mr. Grant4330 / 4356HS Vocational ArtsE-mail
Mayer, Mrs. Brittany4375HS ScienceE-mail
Minigari, Ms. JaneHS ELLE-mail
Moehn, Mrs. Kelly4364HS Computer Science / BusinessE-mailWeb
Molitor, Mr. Tom4365HS Social StudiesE-mailWeb
Monroe, Mrs. LuAnnCustodialE-mail
Mueller, Mrs. PatriciaHS Nutrition
Otradovec, Ms. SarahHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Peik, Mrs. Sallie4350HS Specific Learning DisabilityE-mail
Pendleton, Mrs. Lynn4399Nutrition DirectorE-mail
Pingel, Ms. MaceyExceptional Ed AideE-mail
Platner, Mr. Zach4363HS Language ArtsE-mail
Popp, Mr. John4313MaintenanceE-mail
Porter, Ms. Tara4360HS Language ArtsE-mail
Rude, Mr. Shawn4303HS PrincipalE-mail
Rudig, Mr. Alan4370HS MathematicsE-mail
Ryan, Mrs. RebeccaHS Cognitive DisabilityE-mail
Sabel, Mr. Scott4368HS Social StudiesE-mail
Saukel, Ms. Chris4318HS Yearbook AdvisorE-mail
Schmitt, Mr. David4353HS Language ArtsE-mail
Schmitz, Mrs. Jane4367HS ArtE-mail
Schnortz, Mr.Stick Figure
Schreurs, Mrs. Mia4351HS Social StudiesE-mail
Somppi, Ms. EmmaHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Stenz, Mrs. Diane4302HS Admin AssistantE-mail
Thielman, Mrs. Amy4316HS AgriscienceE-mail
Tinker, Mr. BradleyCustodialE-mail
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