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Powerschool FAQ


Powerschool FAQ


Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions/comments and corresponding responses about Powerschool.

What is Powerschool?
PowerSchool is a typical student information system in that it allows us to manage a wide range of information, including the following: grades, attendance, tests, demographics, activities, courses, and photos. Because the program has been designed using modern software tools, it also allows us to connect parents and students to information. We hope the powerful communications features of the program are helpful to parents and to students who are striving to learn and exceed their dreams.

Do all teachers post grade and attendance information to the Powerschool server?

Attendance is posted by the office. All teachers assign and post grades to PowerSchool at different times. Some may give grades to their students' everyday and some may give far fewer grades during the semester. This is up to each teacher and depends upon their grading system. If you do not see grades in PowerSchool for some teachers but not others, this is a normal function of the way teachers assign and post grades. As always you may contact teachers by e-mail or request a phone call or meeting at any time.

How does weighted grades affect how a grade is calculated?

Many teachers use categories such as tests, quizzes, daily work to organize and give different weights to grades; how they weight them is an individual decision. Teachers share with students how they grade at the beginning of each course. As always you may contact teachers by e-mail or request a phone call or meeting at any time.

How often can we expect grades to be updated?

There are many factors that determine how soon a teacher can assess and return assignments. Essays and research papers take longer to grade than a quiz. Coaching, club sponsorships, and family commitments can also affect turnaround time, as well as a teacher's student load. All teachers do their best to grade their students and communicate their progress in a timely manner. As always you may contact teachers by e-mail or request a phone call or meeting at any time.

My child's grades do not add up correctly

Different grading scales and weightings are applied to different types of assignments. Simply adding scores will not indicate that a child's grades are incorrect.

Do I have to have different logins if I have more than one child?

At the current time, the answer is yes. There is a feature of Powerschool called "Single Parent Login" that allows a single login for all children. Chilton School District is in the middle of implementing this. There will be an announcement soon.

What can I see on the Powerschool Site?

  • Grades for current classes, as well as the assignments that make up those grades
  • Attendance for the past two weeks or for the whole quarter, including a legend of attendance codes used by the school
  • Teacher comments
  • Reports via Email, which allow parents to request daily, weekly, or monthly reports to be sent via email
  • View the School Bulletin
  • Meal Balances

Can other people see student's grades?

As long as you protect your password, others will not be able to see your information.

Do students and parents see the same screens/comments?

When students and parents access the PowerSchool server, they see the same information with one exception; parents have the ability to request automatic progress reports via email.

What do I do if I forget my password?

You will have to come to the office to reapply for your password. Remember as in the initial sign up you will need to bring photo ID.

Can I change my username and password?

It is not possible for you to change your password. Keep it confidential. You should treat it as you would an ATM card or credit card.