Chilton, WI 53014

Friday, May 22, 2020 is an online learning day.

Chilton Public School students will continue with virtual learning until the end of the 2019-2020 School Calendar Year.
Thank you for the support you continue to provide your children . This support is crucial to their academic growth and success.

Chilton School District FAQ Regarding COVID-19 Closure  Chilton High School Parent FAQ Document
Sabel, Ms. Heidi6115MS Learning Disability (7-8)E-mail
Salzsieder, Mrs. Sue6146ES/MS IMC SpecialistE-mail
Saukel, Ms. Chris4318HS IMC SpecialistE-mail
Schaefer, Mrs. Jane2239ES Title IE-mail
Scharinger, Mrs. LisaES/MS Nutrition
Schmitz, Mrs. Jane4367HS ArtE-mail
Schneider, Mrs. BarbaraMS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Schneider, Mrs. BeckyMS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Schneider, Mrs. PaulaHS SE AideE-mail
Schnortz, Mr.Stick Figure
Schoen, Ms. AnnES SE AideE-mail
Schuster, Mrs. Pamela2555ES PrincipalE-mail
Schwarz, Mrs. McKenzi61028th GradeE-mail
Schwobe, Mrs. Kim61246th Grade LiteracyE-mail
Sippel, Ms. Abby2217ES SpeechE-mail
Skrepenski, Ms. SallyLibrary AideE-mail
Smejkal, Ms. Amy6158MS Choir; HS Vocal MusicE-mail
Sohrweide, Mrs. PatES SE AideE-mail
Sromek, Mr. Greg61216th GradeE-mailWeb
Stenklyft, Ms. Rosemary22102nd GradeE-mail
Stenz, Mrs. Diane4302HS Admin AssistantE-mail
Stephanie, Mrs. LindaMS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Stichman, Mrs. Linda2204ES SpeechE-mail
Sweere, Ms. JoanES/MS NutritionE-mail
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