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Nutrition Coordinator

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Lynn Pendleton

530 W Main Street
Chilton, WI 53014
Tel #: (920) 849-2393

Nutrition Program

Rates:  (updated 2016-07-07)

  • $1.65 Breakfast K-12
  • $2.05 Breakfast Adult
  • $2.50 Lunch K-4
  • $2.65 Lunch 5-8
  • $2.75 Lunch 9-12
  • $3.60 Lunch Adult
  • $0.35 Milk


Free and Reduced Lunch Applications  (all updated 2017-07-11)

Double-check that the date in documents reflect the new year.

Healthy Menu Project for 2009/10 School Year Continues


Healthy Menu Project for 2009/10 School Year Continues



Beginning in the fall of 2009 Chilton Schools instituted a new healthy menu initiative. The "Insert Fresh Here!" program was designed to replace existing processed foods with nutrient dense and fresh whole food alternatives. White flour breads, buns, and pastas have be replaced with nutrient dense whole grain alternatives. New menu items began showing up on September 2009 menus including whole grain pastas, fresh potato dishes, and fresh vegetable dishes; all this in addition to the daily fresh fruit and veggie bars. 

The "Insert Fresh Here" menu program was developed by the Nutrition Department in accordance with the upcoming changes in the National School Lunch Program nutrition requirements now writen into law. Reduction of sodium, sugars, and trans fats as well as the addition of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the focus of the changes. The Northeast Wisconsin Farm to School Initiative was formed by the Chilton and Hilbert Nutrition Programs to assist school districts in making the changes necessary to comply with the 2010/2011 standards. The mission statement of the initiative states... we connect students to the foods they eat while promoting local agriculture and sustainability. By offering and encouraging students of Northeast Wisconsin whole foods, we encourage nutrition awareness everyday.

The addition of locally raised, grass fed (lower in overall fat) beef combined with fresh fruits and vegetables to the program were the first major steps taken to accomplish the recommended changes. Adding 70-80% whole grain items to our menus along with a reduction in sodium, added dark green and orange vegetables, and the addition of cooking from scratch has brought our program within the new guidelines.

We applaud the changes now taking place in the National School Lunch Program and look ahead to whole and nutritious foods increasing on lunch trays across the U.S.



Free and Reduced Meal Applications Available Year Round


Free and Reduced Meal Applications Available Year Round


At the beginning of the school year, your student tends to come home with a lot of information that requires you to fill out forms, one of which is the “Free and Reduced Price School Meals Family Application.” The School District of Chilton would like to remind families that you can complete this form any time during the school year.

As the economy continues to decline and more area businesses lay off their employees, please remember that applying for free and reduced meals can ease some of your financial burden while assisting the school in attaining much needed federal aid. It is also important to note that your status for free and reduced price meals remains throughout the school year, even if your financial situation improves.

Free and reduced status assists the school in a number of ways. Not only does the district receive additional reimbursement for meals taken by students who qualify for free and reduced price meals ($2.72 and $2.32 respectfully), but also the Title I grant entitlement that we receive to assist with remedial reading is based on the district’s ratio of free and reduced students. The school district uses these Title funds to pay the wages and benefits of three (3) full-time certified reading teachers to work with students to improve their reading and comprehension abilities. Reading comprehension skills are essential to your child’s success in all subject areas.

The application and additional information regarding the National Free and Reduced Price Meal program can be found on the School District of Chilton website at www.chilton.k12.wi.us on the District Nutrition page, or by contacting your school’s office.


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