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Ingress/Egress Procedures at Chilton High School Revised & Reviewed

First published on 18 March 2011 Posted in CHS Information

In an effort to assure the safety and welfare of students, parents, and visitors to Chilton High School, the following procedures should be followed when traveling to and from Chilton High School:

  • Daily Bus Drop-off & Pick-up at School – Entrance "H" (Flagpoles)
    • Parents may drop-off & pick-up students using Entrance "A" (Athletic Event Entrance).
      Please do NOT use Entrance "H" (Flagpoles)
  • Students Walking to School – Entrance "H" (Flagpoles) or "A" (Athletic Event Entrance)
  • Elementary & Middle School Students Using the Engler Center – Walk or Drop-off at Entrance "F" (Off of Visitor/Admin Lot near Flagpoles) OR Entrance "H" (Flagpoles)
  • AM/PM Weight Room or Athletic Facility Usage – Entrance "B" (Off of Event Parking Lot)
    • Drop-off & pick-up of students using the Weight Room or Athletic Facility may be conducted on the east side of the student parking lot (Event Parking Lot).
    • During non-school hours, the east side of the student parking lot (Event Parking Lot) may be used for parking when using Entrance "B".
  • Students and Adults using the Engler Center for Evening/Weekend Rehearsals or Shows – Park in lot "E" (Band Room) and Enter at Entrance "F" (Off of Visitor/Admin Lot near Flagpoles)
  • Visiting Athletic Teams – Entrance "B" (Off of Event Parking Lot)
  • People Attending Athletic Events – Entrance "A" (Athletic Event Entrance)
  • People Attending Engler Center Events – Entrance "A" (Athletic Event Entrance", Entrance "H" (Flagpoles), Entrance "G" (Flagpoles)
  • People Attending Board of Education Meetings – Entrance "F" (Off of Visitor/Admin Lot near Flagpoles)
  • Individuals or organizations with approved Building Usage Requests should use the applicable entrance as listed above (e.g. Use of Gyms – Entrance "A" or "B") – Questions regarding parking and/or building access should be asked at the time of receiving the approved Building Usage Request

Please note that employees or staff using the Engler Center or Athletic Facilities on weekends or during non-operational times may park in the East Parking Lot off of Entrance "E" (Band Room) and enter the building at "C" (Athletic Wing), or the Receiving Room (Near "D"), or "F" (off of Visitor/Admin Lot). At no time, whether school is in session or not in session, is anyone to park in the area near Entrance "C" (Athletic) or "D" (Near Receiving).

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