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Chilton High
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CHS Directory
Case, Ms. Marianne61158th Grade; ELL SupportE-mail
Fesing, Ms. BeverlyCustodialE-mail
Kopf, Mrs. LindaCustodialE-mail
Monroe, Mrs. LuAnnCustodialE-mail
Beauchamp, Mrs. AnneCustodialE-mail
Phillips, Mrs. SashaCustodial
Eberhardt, Mr. Matt4911District School Resource Officer
Arendt, Mr. Michael4388ES/HS Physical EdE-mail
Kopf, Mr. Daniel4313Head Buildings and GroundsE-mail
Stenz, Mrs. Diane4302HS Admin AssistantE-mail
Thielman, Mrs. Amy4316HS AgriscienceE-mail
Schmitz, Mrs. Jane4367HS ArtE-mail
Ash, Mrs. Christine4301HS Athletics/Office SecretaryE-mail
Mallmann, Mr, Daniel4374HS Cognitive DisabilityE-mail
Mallmann, Mrs. Denys4311HS CounselorE-mailWeb
Mlada, Mr. Ray4385HS Emotional Behavior DisabilityE-mail
Freiherr, Mrs. MaryHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Fritz, Mrs. TanyaHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Woelfel, Mrs. JudyHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Flug, Mrs. KellyHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Barany, Mr. PatrickHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Fictum, Mrs. ColleenHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Bennin, Mrs. LaurieHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Mallmann, Mrs. Bonnie4361HS FACEE-mail
Saukel, Ms. Chris4318HS IMC SpecialistE-mail
Meyers, Mrs. Samantha4353HS Language ArtsE-mail
Platner, Mr. Zach4363HS Language ArtsE-mail
Porter, Ms. Tara4360HS Language ArtsE-mail
Trace, Mr. Timothy4354HS Language Arts, Dean of StudentsE-mail
Delebreau, Mr. James4358HS MathematicsE-mail
Holze, Mr. David4357HS MathematicsE-mail
Rudig, Mr. Alan4370HS MathematicsE-mail
Gruel, Mrs. NoreenHS Nutrition
Wilcox, Mrs. AnnHS Nutrition
Jacobs, Mrs. DawnHS Nutrition
Kolbe, Mrs. MaryHS Nutrition
Frank, Mrs. JillHS Nutrtion
Gozdziewski, Mr. Rocky4355HS Physical EdE-mail
Rude, Mr. Shawn4303HS PrincipalE-mail
Bartels, Mr. Tracy4371HS ScienceE-mail
Bartels, Mrs. Stephanie4372HS ScienceE-mail
Mayer, Mrs. Brittany4375HS ScienceE-mail
Schneider, Mrs. PaulaHS SE AideE-mail
Meyer, Ms. Mia4351HS Social StudiesE-mail
Guy, Mrs. Emily4368HS Social StudiesE-mail
Wurm, Mr. Russ4373HS Social StudiesE-mail
Molitor, Mr. Tom4365HS Social Studies / 7th GradeE-mailWeb
Keskinen, Mrs. Amanda4359HS SpanishE-mail
Peik, Mrs. Sallie4350HS Specific Learning DisabilityE-mail
Vanderpas, Mrs. Sara4379HS Specific Learning DisabilityE-mail
Maurer, Mr. Grant4330 / 4356HS Vocational ArtsE-mail
Bartel, Mr. Steve4310 / 4330HS Vocational Arts, Career CapstoneE-mail
Popp, Mr. John4313MaintenanceE-mail
Wettstein, Mr. Bob4313MaintenanceE-mail
Smejkal, Ms. Amy6158MS Choir; HS Vocal MusicE-mail
Cisler, Mrs. Leah6107MS Physical Ed & MS/HS F.A.C.E.E-mail
Kochan, Ms. Michelle4317MS/HS BandE-mail
Moehn, Mrs. Kelly4364MS/HS Computer Science; HS BusinessE-mailWeb
Behnke, Mr. Corey4319MS/HS Physical Ed, Activities DirectorE-mail
Pendleton, Ms. Lynn4399Nutrition ManagerE-mail
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