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CHS Registration Information for Students & Parents

First published on 04 January 2010 Posted in CHS Information

Dear Students & Parents,

In this area of the CHS webpage you will find several forms and documents that we hope will assist you with the Registration & Scheduling processes for the next school year. The following forms and documents are included on our webpage for your review:

  • Letter to Parents: Registration Information,  Español  (updated 2020-01-10)
  • Career and Technical Education Opportunities  (updated 2011-12-30)
  • 8th Grade Parent/Student Orientation to CHS PowerPoint Presentation (updated 2020-01-28)
    PDF of the CHS School Counselor's presentation to incoming 9th grade students and their parents.
  • 2020-21 CHS Registration & Course Description Guide  (updated 2020-01-14)
    THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE. This document includes important registration information and a listing of the courses available to students at CHS. Course descriptions, credits earned, and the length of courses can all be found in this document.
  • CHS 4-Year Plan Worksheets  (updated 2020-01-09)
    This is a worksheet that we strongly suggest all students complete each school year in anticipation of registration – it helps students plan out the upcoming school year as well as encouraging students to look ahead and begin planning the courses they will take in the years to come – the 4-year plan can certainly be modified at any time
  • CHS SAMPLE Four Year HS Plans  (updated 2020-01-28)
    The following are suggestions and are NOT intended to indicate a path a student must follow. Instead the following examples should serve as a guide and to spur conversations about what each student hopes to accomplish in high school and where they see themselves after graduation.
  • CHS Registration Worksheets By Grade: (updated 2020-01-09)
    for present... 8th graders9th graders10th graders11th graders
    Includes one worksheet per grade level to assist students as they get organized to select their primary and alternate courses for the following school year

We certainly hope the information and resources included in this area of our webpage are helpful to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Shawn Rude, Principal, or Ms. Denys Koenigs, School Counselor, at 920-849-2358.


Prior Course Registration Material (all in PDF format)

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