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2017-09-18 Board of Education Meeting

First published on 14 September 2017 Posted in School Board Agendas & Minutes

School District of Chilton
Preparing students to achieve their potential is our highest priority.
530 West Main Street
Chilton, WI 53014


Board of Education Meeting
Monday, September 18, 2017, at 6:00 pm
Community Room of the High School Building

1. Call to order

2. Roll call of members

3. Verification of notice pursuant to s.19.84(1)(3) Wis. Stats.

4. Pledge of Allegiance

5. Delegations: This is the time for any person attending the meeting as an observer to express
a particular comment or concern.

6. Consent Items: (Board members may remove consent items on the agenda for discussion
and/or separate action.)

A. Approval of minutes from previous board meetings, to include committee meetings.

B. Approval of monthly bills and authorization to pay said bills.

C. Treasurer/Financial Report

D. Personnel Approvals

I. Recommendation for Hire:
-Heather Bancroft, Volunteer Dance Coach
-Diana McGrath, Food Service Worker

II. Recommendation for Retirement:

III. Recommendation for Resignation - For Information Only - No Action Required:
-Bernetta Kersten, Special Education Aide
-Megan Tyson, Dance Coach
-Zach Platner, Forensics Coach
-Julie Birschbach, Director of Food Services

IV. CESA 7 Employees - For Information Only - No Action Required:

7. Old Business

A. President's Report - The Board President will update the Board on various topics.

-Welcome Mr. Nathan Schmitz, Student Board of Education Representative

B. Board of Education Committee Reports

Policy Committee Report:
-Third Reading of Volume 26 - No. 1- The Board of Education will be asked to dispense of
the formal reading and approve the third and final reading of Volume 26 - No. 1.

Co-Curricular Committee Report:

Finance Committee Report:

Buildings and Grounds Committee Report:

C. Approval of the 2017-2018 Budget - The Board of Education will vote on the budget as
presented at the Budget Hearing.

8. New Business

A. FFA National Convention - October 25-28, 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Board will
be asked to approve the FFA National trip to Indianapolis, Indiana. A copy of the itinerary is
attached for your review.

B. FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference - November 10-12, 2017 in St. Louis,
Missouri. The Board will be asked to approve the FBLA National Fall Leadership trip to St.
Louis, Missouri. A copy of the itinerary is attached for your review.

9. Administrative Reports - The following administrators will provide administrative updates on
their areas of responsibility:

Mrs. Sue Kaphingst, Superintendent
-New Staff Introductions

Mr. Matt Kiel, Middle School Principal

Mr. Ty Breitlow, High School Principal
-Crash Simulation

Mrs. Pam Schuster, Elementary School Principal
-2017-2018 Building Goals

10. Adjournment

Mr. David Bailey, Board Clerk
Chilton Public Schools

Upon request to the Superintendent, submitted twenty-four (24) hours in advance, the District
shall make reasonable accommodations including the provision of informational material in an
alternative format for a disabled person to be able to attend this meeting.

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