Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


What determines if an article/event is District, Elementary School (CES) , Middle School (CMS) , or High School (CHS) related?

If an article/event specifically deals with one school, it is associated with the school.  District articles/events will originate from the school board / district office or may involve multiple schools.

Where are the breakfast and lunch menus?

As of now, the monthly PDFs will be posted in the Services menu under Nutrition.

Where may I find hours for the pool or the weight room?

You will find that information located in the Resources menu.

Who should I contact if I have questions, comments and/or concerns about the website  -not including PowerSchool, Engler Center, Calendar, Chilton Weather, etc.?

Feel free to e-mail the  Be advised there are numerous reasons (spam filters, schedule, etc.) why you might not receive a(n  immediate) response.

Why not PowerSchool, Engler Center, Calendar, Chilton Weather, etc.?

The Chilton Public Schools website only links to those sites as they are considered separate entities (identified in the menu with a world icon weblink).   The webmaster is not directly involved with any of these sites.

How was this site put together?

There were many individuals and tools involved.  Check them out on our Credits page.

How do I get to Chilton Public Schools?

Enter your location in the From address: text box below the provided Google Map for route directions.