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District Superintendent

Mrs. Susan Kaphingst

530 W Main Street
Chilton, WI 53014
Tel #: (920) 849-8109

District News

Local Farmers Can Assist With America's Farmers Grow Rural Education Grant


Local Farmers Can Assist With America's Farmers Grow Rural Education Grant


The Chilton Public School District is applying for the America's Farmers Grow Rural Education Grant.   The grant proposal includes construction of an outdoor classroom at the school forest, clearing a gathering area within the forest, and two bridges to connect trails over the stream.  Grant proposals receive additional points for every nomination received.

The following information comes from http://www.americasfarmers.com/growruraleducation/faqs.aspx

What is the America's Farmers Grow Rural Education Program?
America's Farmers Grow Rural Education is sponsored by the Monsanto Fund to help farmers positively impact their communities by supporting local school districts. Specifically, the program gives farmers the opportunity to nominate a public school district in their community to compete for a merit-based grant of either $10,000 or $25,000. The program is available in 1,245 counties in 39 states.

How does a farmer nominate a public school district?
The nomination process is simple. Eligible farmers can fill out a short nomination form at GrowRuralEducation.com or by calling 1-877-267-3332. A printed copy of the entry form and rules are available on this website or by calling the number. Completed entries can be mailed to America's Farmers Grow Rural Education, 914 Spruce Street, St. Louis, MO 63102. The nomination period runs Jan. 6, 2012, through April 15, 2012.

Who can nominate a school district?
No purchase is necessary to nominate a school district, and the farmer does not have to be a Monsanto Company customer. Farmers must be 21 years or older and be actively engaged in farming with a minimum of 250 acres of corn, soybeans and/or cotton; and/or 40 acres of open field vegetables, or at least 10 acres of tomatoes, peppers and/or cucumbers grown in protected culture.


Chilton Board of Education Co-Curricular Committee


Chilton Board of Education Co-Curricular Committee


As a School Board, each member participates in various committees. These committees allow facilitation of ideas and concerns from the students, staff, and administration to the School Board. One of these committees is the Co-Curricular Committee. Randy Lisowe and Terry Criter are the board representatives on this committee. The Chilton School District currently offers three categories of activities to enhance students' experiences and add value to their learning.

Category 1 - Athletic/Athletic Related-Activities: Includes all sports plus Dance and Cheerleading.

Category 2 - Non-Athletic Performing Activities: Forensics, Solo and Ensemble, Drama, FFA, Academic Competitions, Future Business Leaders of America, and Science Olympiad.

Category 3 - Honors of the School: Examples are Student Council, Class Officer, and Graduation Speaker.

During a recent Co-Curricular Committee meeting, agenda items included reviewing a new consideration on the physical education credit requirement, the start-up of a potential coop sport with a neighboring school district, and the participation fee structure. It is through these meetings that change and improvements take place for the betterment of the School District of Chilton.


Alert Now Needs Your Updated Information


Alert Now Needs Your Updated Information


Parents/Guardians of Students in the Chilton Public School District: As the leaves start to turn and fall is upon us, please make sure to call the school office in the building where your child/ren attend IF your contact information has changed. We will be testing our Alert Now system soon and we want to make sure we have your correct contact information. If you moved or your phone number/s changed over the summer, please let us know so we can update our system. Thank you.


Chilton Public School District to Survey Community


Chilton Public School District to Survey Community


The Chilton Public School District and Board of Education will be proactively conducting a community survey this fall to assess long-range district needs.

A paper copy of the survey will be mailed to each household in the district in October. It will invite community members to participate online, which would reduce the overall cost. Residents will have until November 11th to respond and provide their input.

The Board of Education will be asking residents to help develop specific solutions to an anticipated budget shortfall averaging $400,000 for each of the next two years. The survey will address topics such as budgeting and board planning, district communications, programs, staffing, funding support and overall satisfaction.

"We anticipate that these budget difficulties will continue into the future, and are asking the community's guidance to determine how to best address this challenge," said District Superintendent Dr. Claire Martin.

The survey will be designed and administrated by School Perceptions LLC, an independent research firm that specializes in gathering and analyzing public perceptions regarding schools.

"The goal of this process is to create a budgetary plan that reflects the goals and priorities of the taxpayers," said Dr. Martin. "We know that financially this is a difficult time for many people. However, we need an understanding of what people really want from the School District as we provide educational opportunities for the students of the Chilton community."

A report on survey results will be presented to the Board of Education on November 28th. A compilation of survey questions and results will also be posted on the District website.

For more information on the upcoming survey, please contact the District office at (920) 849-8109.