Bayeux Tapestry at Engler Center on Tuesday, May 10

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Bayeux Tapestry at Engler Center on Tuesday, May 10


UW Oshkosh, in collaboration with Chilton Arts Core presents a once in a lifetime chance to see the Bayeux Tapestry!

One of only four to-scale reproductions in the world of what has been called the most famous embroidery in history— the Bayeux Tapestry —will be on display in the Engler Center for the Performing Arts Center at Chilton Public School district.

Embroidered by an anonymous group of women after William the Conqueror assumed the English throne in 1066, the original tapestry chronicles the events leading to the Norman conquest of England in a visually stunning and unparalleled depiction of medieval life and warfare.

The 230-foot long painted reproduction matches every detail of the original embroidery. Unfolding like a pictorial newsreel, it replicates one of the world’s most unique artistic masterpieces. To learn more about the history of the Tapestry, visit the following website:

Tuesday, May 10

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