Summer Reading

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Summer Reading


Many students and families regard the summer break as just that – a break from school and classroom studies. Unfortunately, it often means a break from reading, which can seriously hamper achievement in the classroom.

There's a solid link between the amount of independent reading children do and their success in school. Research shows that kids who never crack open a book during the summer often fall behind in reading – the notorious "summer slide" – while kids who do read, maintain or improve their reading and learning skills.

In fact, we've found that children who read four or more books during the summer perform much better on reading comprehension tests the following school year than other kids who read just one or no books during the break.

So it's extremely important that we get more books into the hands of our students. That's why we're urging kids and parents to visit our Book Fair to stock up on books for summer reading. You'll find a great selection of the books kids want to read – something for every age and interest. (In a recent survey, 91 percent of children said they were more likely to finish a book they pick out themselves.)

With your help, we can keep children reading during the summer months, while sharpening a life skill that is so critical to success inside and outside the classroom.

I look forward to seeing you at the Book Fair!

If you can't make it to the book fair, please check out this link.

You may purchase books online and have them delivered to school before the end of the year.