Chilton, WI 53014
Chilton School District
530 W Main St  (920) 849-8109
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Annelin, Ms. Josephine6158MS Choir; HS Vocal MusicE-mail
Arendt, Mr. Michael4388ES/HS Physical EdE-mail
Bangart, Mrs. CindyES 4-K AideE-mail
Bartel, Mr. Steve4310 / 4330HS Vocational Arts, Career CapstoneE-mail
Bartel, Mrs. Ann6202Technology CoachE-mail
Bartel, Mrs. Dawn4306District Admin AssistantE-mail
Bartels, Mr. Tracy4371HS ScienceE-mail
Bartels, Mrs. Stephanie4372HS ScienceE-mail
Beattie, Mr. Emery61187th GradeE-mail
Bechlem, Ms. SharonES AideE-Mail
Beckman, Mrs. Abigail2228KindergartenE-mail
Behnke, Mr. Corey4319MS/HS Physical Ed, Activities DirectorE-mail
Bennin, Mrs. LaurieHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Benzel, Ms. Wendy22231st GradeE-mail
Berger, Mr. Brian61178th GradeE-mail
Biese, Mrs. Kay61265th GradeE-mail
Birschbach, Ms. JamieES SE AideE-mail
Blaha, Ms. Michelle2209School NurseE-mail
Braun, Mrs. Heidi4379HS Specific Learning DisabilityE-mail
Brehmer, Mrs. TammyMS SE AideE-mail
Brown, Mrs. Amy2224KindergartenE-mail
Brown, Mrs. Kelly22162nd gradeE-mail
Bruss, Mrs. Amy61407th GradeE-mail
Callahan, Mr. Brady61185-8 S.T.E.A.ME-mail
Cisler, Mrs. Leah4361HS FACEE-mail
Cripe, Mr. Sam22543rd GradeE-mail
Criter, Mr. DanielMaintenanceE-mail
Criter, Mrs. AudreyES Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Deehr, Ms. Charlotte22122nd GradeE-mail
Delanty, Kristina2242ES Special EducationE-mail
Delebreau, Mr. James4358HS MathematicsE-mail
Ditter, Miss MelissaHS SE AideE-mail
Dohr, Mrs. Kelsey2227KindergartenE-mail
Durdahl, Mrs. Gina6116MS Learning Disability (5-8)E-mail
Eibs, Ms. EmilyHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Endres, Mr. David2000Technology DirectorE-mail
Enneper, Mr. Kip6200Network AdministratorE-mail
Eustache, Ms. KaylynExceptional Ed AideE-mail
Farrell, Mrs. Jenie4847Executive Director of the Engler CenterE-mailWeb
Fesing, Ms. BeverlyCustodialE-mail
Fhlug, Mrs. KellyHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Fictum, Mrs. ColleenHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Fliss, Ms. BrandyES SE AideE-mail
Fochs, Mrs. NatalieES SE AideE-mail
Frank, Mrs. JillHS Nutrtion
Fritz, Mrs. TanyaHS Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Geiser, Ms. Estela2049ELL AideE-mail
Gilsdorf, Ms. MaryHS Physical TherapistE-mail
Gorham, Ms. Cassie2204ES SpeechE-mail
Gruel, Mrs. NoreenHS Nutrition
Haapala, Mrs. MicheleHS SE AideE-mail
Hanamann, Mrs. Ann6001MS SecretaryE-mail
Handrich, Mr. Andrew4911District School Resource OfficerE-mail
Hansmann, Miss AprilES SE AideE-mail
Hanson, Mrs. Amy61236th GradeE-mail
Heimann, Mrs. Maxine2502ES SecretaryE-mail
Hein, Mrs. Christina6137MS ELLE-mail
Hess, Mrs. Heidi22024 yr old KindergartenE-mail
Hochrein, Mr. MikeCustodialE-mail
Hoerth, Mrs. Michele2501ES SecretaryE-mail
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