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Business Office

Amanda Potratz

Business Administrator


530 W Main Street
Chilton, WI 53014
Tel #: (920) 849-8109


Barb Walber

Accounting Clerk

Donations That Help Your Public School


Donations That Help Your Public School


Although the School District of Chilton does make requests for local, state and federal grants, we are always looking for ways to increase revenues without further taxing our community members and parents.  Cash donations to the School District of Chilton are tax deductible and are always appreciated.  However, this is not the only way the community can support the public school and its students.

While we try to keep fundraisers to a minimum, fundraisers are typically school clubs' only way to raise money for projects, events and trips.  Please help support Chilton students in their efforts to participate in some very special activities and experiences that cannot always be a part of their regular education.

Another opportunity to support students of the School District of Chilton for many years into the future is to establish a scholarship trust.  This money does not directly go to the school district for payment of expenses, but rather, goes to assist students who wish to further pursue their education and career opportunities based on established criteria.  Scholarship trusts can either be spent down, or the principal can be held and only the interest earned can be given in the form of a scholarship.  The donor chooses how the scholarship will be used, the criteria for students to receive the scholarship, and its duration.

There are other ways the community and local businesses can support the public schools besides giving money.  As we all know, time can be more valuable than money.  Volunteering your time, talents and expertise to schools is always appreciated and valued.  The high school is always looking for community members to speak to classes about their careers, education and experiences.  The high school has also recently received a grant to fund a Reality Store experience that will require approximately 70 volunteers that include parents, community businesses and law enforcement agency personnel.  The middle school is always looking for volunteer support for music concerts, the musical, athletic and activity events.  The elementary school is looking for volunteers to read to classrooms as well as listen to students read, tutor small groups of students, and assist classroom teachers with copying and laminating.  The musical production always needs a lot of extra hands as well.

Another donation that the Chilton Public Schools has received over the years is equipment and materials.  In the past, the district has received personal and business donations in the form of paper, supplies, athletic equipment, and specialty equipment such as welders.  Please understand that not all items donated to the district will be accepted.  If the district does not have a current need for donated item or the item or technology is obsolete, the donation may be graciously declined.

During these tough economical times, it can be difficult to find extra money to donate to the school district, but please remember that there is always more than one way to give.  Your time, talents, expertise and experiences are always a valuable commodity that we, at the School District of Chilton, would appreciate.  Volunteering also gives you, the community member, an opportunity to have a better understanding of what is going on in your schools and share your talents with students eager to learn and grow.

Please feel free to contact the district office at 920-849-8109, or any of the school offices, at any time for more information regarding donations or volunteer opportunities within the Chilton Public Schools.