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Free and Reduced Meal Applications Available Year Round


Free and Reduced Meal Applications Available Year Round


At the beginning of the school year, your student tends to come home with a lot of information that requires you to fill out forms, one of which is the “Free and Reduced Price School Meals Family Application.”  The School District of Chilton would like to remind families that you can complete this form any time during the school year. 


As the economy continues to decline and more area businesses lay off their employees, please remember that applying for free and reduced meals can ease some of your financial burden while assisting the school in attaining much needed federal aid.  It is also important to note that your status for free and reduced price meals remains throughout the school year, even if your financial situation improves. 


Free and reduced status assists the school in a number of ways.  Not only does the district receive additional reimbursement for meals taken by students who qualify for free and reduced price meals ($2.57 and $2.17 respectfully), but also the Title I grant entitlement that we receive to assist with remedial reading is based on the district’s ratio of free and reduced students.   The school district uses these Title funds to pay the wages and benefits of three (3) full-time certified reading teachers to work with students to improve their reading and comprehension abilities.  Reading comprehension skills are essential to your child’s success in all subject areas.


The application and additional information regarding the National Free and Reduced Price Meal program can be found on the School District of Chilton website at www.chilton.k12.wi.us on the District Nutrition page, or by contacting your school’s office.