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Name Ext Position Email Web
Endres, Mr. David 2000 Technology Director E-mail
Bartel, Mrs. Ann 6202 Technology Coach E-mail
Kaphingst, Mrs. Susan Superintendent E-mail
Schnortz, Mr. Stick Figure
Knaus, Mrs. Cathi 6136 School Psychologist / 504 Coord E-mail
Pendleton, Ms. Lynn 4399 Nutrition Manager E-mail
Bartel, Mr. Brian 6200 Network Administrator E-mail
Behnke, Mr. Corey 4319 MS/HS Physical Ed, Activities Director E-mail
Moehn, Mrs. Kelly 4364 MS/HS Computer Science; HS Business E-mail Web
Kochan, Ms. Michelle 4317 MS/HS Band E-mail
Bancroft, Mrs. Emily 6116 MS Special Ed E-mail
Wilz, Mrs. Jennifer MS Special Ed E-mail
Hanamann, Mrs. Ann 6001 MS Secretary E-mail
Haapala, Mrs. Michele MS SE Aide E-mail
Brehmer, Mrs. Tammy MS SE Aide E-mail
Thiel, Mrs. Cindy MS SE Aide E-mail
Bowman, Mr. Brad 6131 MS School Counselor E-mail
Kiel, Mr. Matt 6500 MS Principal E-mail
Cisler, Mrs. Leah 6107 MS Physical Ed & MS/HS F.A.C.E. E-mail
Sabel, Ms. Heidi 6137 MS LD E-mail
Fritz, Mrs. Tanya MS Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Diedrich, Mrs. Amanda MS Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Broeckel, Mrs. Sharon MS Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Stephanie, Mrs. Linda MS Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Rusch, Mr. Troy 6106 MS ED E-mail
Smejkal, Ms. Amy 6158 MS Choir; HS Vocal Music E-mail
Nelson, Mrs. Brittni 6141 MS Art E-mail
Koenigs, Mrs. Candi 2231 Math Intervention E-mail Web
Criter, Mr. Daniel 2400 Maintenance E-mail
Popp, Mr. John 4313 Maintenance E-mail
Wettstein, Mr. Bob 4313 Maintenance E-mail
Lisowe, Mrs. Amie 2228 Kindergarten E-mail
Brown, Mrs. Amy 2224 Kindergarten E-mail
Van Eperen, Ms. Sara 2227 Kindergarten E-mail
Bartel, Mr. Steve 4310 / 4330 HS Vocational Arts, Career Capstone E-mail
Karban, Mr. Dexter 4330 / 4356 HS Vocational Arts E-mail
Thielman, Mrs. Amy 4316 HS Vocational Arts E-mail
Peik, Mrs. Sallie 4350 HS Specific Learning Disability E-mail
Vanderpas, Mrs. Sara 4379 HS Specific Learning Disability E-mail Web
Keskinen, Mrs. Amanda 4359 HS Spanish E-mail
Guy, Mrs. Emily 4368 HS Social Studies E-mail
Cooper, Mrs. Stacy 4351 HS Social Studies E-mail
Wurm, Mr. Russ 4373 HS Social Studies E-mail
Molitor, Mr. Tom 4365 HS Social Studies E-mail Web
Schneider, Mrs. Paula HS SE Aide E-mail
Mayer, Mrs. Brittany 4375 HS Science E-mail
Bartels, Mr. Tracy 4371 HS Science E-mail
Bartels, Mrs. Stephanie 4372 HS Science E-mail
Breitlow, Mr. Ty 4303 HS Principal E-mail
Gozdziewski, Mr. Rocky 4355 HS Physical Ed E-mail
Frank, Mrs. Jill HS Nutrtion
Jacobs, Mrs. Dawn HS Nutrition
Wilcox, Mrs. Ann HS Nutrition
Gruel, Mrs. Noreen HS Nutrition
Holze, Mr. David 4357 HS Mathematics E-mail
Delebreau, Mr. James 4358 HS Mathematics E-mail
Rudig, Mr. Alan 4370 HS Mathematics E-mail
Trace, Mr. Timothy 4354 HS Language Arts, Dean of Students E-mail
Meyers, Mrs. Samantha 4353 HS Language Arts E-mail
Platner, Mr. Zach 4363 HS Language Arts E-mail
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