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Name Ext Position Email Web
Scharinger, Mrs. Lisa ES/MS Nutrition
Pitzen, Mrs. Jean ES/MS Nutrition
Kersten, Mrs. Bernetta ES Exceptional Ed Aide
Klaeser, Mrs. Pam ES Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Haapala, Mrs. Michele ES SE Aide E-mail
Kolbe, Mrs. Cheri ES 4-K Aide E-mail
Kopf, Mrs. Linda Custodial E-mail
Monroe, Mrs. LuAnn Custodial E-mail
Neuber, Mrs. Cindy ES/MS Lead Cook
Bangart, Mrs. Cindy ES 4-K Aide E-mail
Bechlem, Ms. Sharon ES Aide E-Mail
Hanna, Ms. Judy ES/MS Nutrition
Ditter, Miss Melissa ES Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Dietzen, Mrs. Geralyn ES Aide E-mail
Criter, Mrs. Audrey ES Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Burkhalter, Mrs. Karen ES Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Buechel, Mrs. Mary Custodial E-mail
Tabbert, Ms. Tammy Custodial E-mail
Rieth, Mrs. Lisa ES Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Wagner, Ms. Diana ES/MS Library Aide E-mail
Schneider, Mrs. Barbara ES Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Walber, Mrs. Joan ES/MS Nutrition
Geiser, Mrs. Pauline ES/MS Nutrition
Beauchamp, Mrs. Anne Custodial E-mail
Wittmus, Mrs. Nicole ES Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Tinker, Mr. Bradley ES SE Aide E-mail
Behnke, Mrs. Lori ES SE Aide E-mail
Brehmer, Mrs. Tammy ES SE Aide E-mail
Rieth, Miss Abigail ES SE Aide E-mail
Schneider, Mrs. Paula ES SE Aide E-mail
Sohrweide, Mrs. Pat ES SE Aide E-mail
Thiel, Mrs. Cindy ES SE Aide E-mail
Pennings, Mrs. Laura ES SE Aide E-mail
Geiser, Ms. Estela 2049 ELL Aide E-mail
Breitlow, Mrs. Katie 2209 ES School Nurse E-mail
Criter, Mr. Daniel 2400 Maintenance E-mail
Hoerth, Mrs. Michele 2501 ES Secretary E-mail
Weber, Mrs. Sharon 2502 ES Secretary E-mail
Kopf, Mr. Daniel 4313 Head Buildings and Grounds E-mail
Pendleton, Ms. Lynn 4399 Nutrition Manager E-mail
Juhl, Mr. Aaron 6152 ES/MS Music E-mail Web
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