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2009-01-26 Regular Agenda

First published on 22 January 2009 Posted in School Board News
Board of Education Meeting
Community Room of the High School Building
January 26, 2009 @ 7:30 p.m.

Notice is hereby given that the School Board of the Chilton Public School District will meet on Monday, January 26, 2009, at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the High School building, and that the agenda for said meeting is as follows:


1. Call to order

2. Roll call of members

3. Verification of notice pursuant to s. 19.84 (1)(f) Wis. Stats.

4. Pledge of Allegiance

5. Approval of minutes from previous board meetings, to include committee meetings.

6. Approval of monthly bills and authorization to pay said bills.

7. Treasurer/Financial Report

8. Delegations: This is the time for any person attending the meeting as an observer to express
a particular comment or concern. A cast of characters from the Pirates of Penzance will perform a few short excerpts from the show.

9. Sperintendent's Report: The Superintendent will update the Board on achievements/accomplishments of Chilton students and/or staff.

10. Old Business:
a. President's Report - Paul Meier will update the
Board on various topics.
b. Policy Committee Report

First Reading:
*466 - Scholarships
*453.5 - Locker Room Privacy
*422 - Student Personal Websites/Bullying/Cyber
Bullying and Hazing Policies
*464.1 - Gifted and Talented
*581 & 582 - Coaching Levels and Attendance at
State Functions
*471.1 - Responsibility for Health Program
*473.5 - Emergency Nursing Service Statement of
*562.2 - Physician Responsibility

Second Reading:
*723.51 - Community Support Organization Policy
*525 - Criminal Background Checks


*Policy 153.3 - Attendance at Association Meetings
(School Board Convention Attendance-State and
*Naming Rights
*NEOLA Presentation

c. Buildings and Grounds Committee Report - The Buildings and Grounds Committee will discuss the addition of snowplowing fees to be added to the District's facility usage form.

d. WASB Convention - Board members will discuss attendance and participation at the convention.

11. New Business:

a. Acceptance of Gift to the District - Mr. Tim Hephner, Chilton Wrestling Club, will present a
gift to the district. We are recommending the acceptance of Middle School Wrestling Warm-ups
from the Wrestling Club.

b. Development of a Five Year Maintenance Plan - Mr. Tom Beck, Buildings and Grounds Consultant for
the Neenah Joint School District, will present information on assisting the Chilton Public
School District with the development of a five (5) year maintenance plan.

c. Personnel Approvals -

 Recommendations for Resignation: Scott Fritz, Co-Head Football
Recommendations for Hire: Amy Criter, Nutrition Service Clerical Aide

d. Vocational Arts Shop Presentation - Mr. Tim Meyer will present an overview of
Chilton High School's Vocational Arts Program.

e. Administrative Job Responsibilities - The Board of Education will review administrative job responsibilities and specific duties.

12. Administrative Reports - The following administrators will provide administrative updates
on their areas of responsibility:

Dr. Schaid, Chilton High School Principal
-Registration & Scheduling Update
-Revised "Bell Schedule" at High School to Meet Required Days/Hours of

Dr. Blink, Dr. Blink, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment,
District Data Manager, K-12 District Reading Specialist
-Assessment Proposal to the United States Congress
-Student Information System Update
-NAEP Testing in 4th Grade

Mrs. Schuster, Chilton Elementary School Principal
-Literacy Taskforce and Benchmark Assessments
-PTA Update

Mr. Appel, Chilton Middle School Principal
-Recognize Winter MS Coaches
-Parent Contacts - Learning Labs & Attendance

13. Adjournment


Mrs. Debra Hintz, Clerk
Board of Education


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