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2008-12-22 Regular Agenda

First published on 18 December 2008 Posted in School Board Agendas & Minutes

Board of Education Meeting
Community Room of the High School Building
December 22, 2008 @ 7:30 p.m.

Notice is hereby given that the School Board of the Chilton Public School District will meet on Monday, December 22, 2008, at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the High School building, and that the agenda for said meeting is as follows:


1. Call to order
2. Roll call of members
3. Verification of notice pursuant to s. 19.84 (1)(f) Wis. Stats.
4. Pledge of Allegiance
5. Approval of minutes from previous board meetings, to include committee meetings.
6. Approval of monthly bills and authorization to pay said bills.
7. Treasurer/Financial Report
8. Delegations: This is the time for any person attending the meeting as an observer to
express a particular comment or conern.
9. Superintendent's Report: The Superintendent will update the Board on achievements/accomplishments of
Chilton students and/or staff.
10. Old Business:
a. President's Report - Mr. Paul Meier will update the Board on various topics.
(Reminder - Filing of Candidacy Papers)

b. 2007-2008 Audit Report - Mr. Paul Denis, Schenck Business Solutions, will review the 2007-2008
audit and answer any related questions.
c. Policy Committee Report - 1st and 3rd Reading of Revised Policies

First Reading:
*723.51 - Community Support Organization Policy
*525 - Criminal Background Checks

Third Reading:
*725.27 - Bids and Price Quotations
*725.294 - Emergency Purchasing
*421 - Pupil Nondiscrimination Compliance
(Religious Accommodations)

11. New Business:

a. Student Field Trip Approval - We have a request from Ms. Sallie Peik and Ms.
Lisa Phillips to take the Class of 2010 on a field trip to San Antonio, Texas from December 28,
2009-December 31, 2009.

b. NEOLA Services - Mr. Jim Verley, a representative of NEOLA, Inc., will give a presentation to the
Board regarding the services they provide for Board Policies.

c. WASB Resolutions - Mr. Russ Rautmann will provide information regarding the resolutions
that will be presented at the January WASB Convention.

d. Personnel Approvals - Recommendation(s) for Hire: Ms. Sally Bell, Middle School Secretary

e. New Course Proposals - Dr. Schaid will present new course proposals for the 2009-2010 school

12. Administrative Reports - The following administrators will provide administrative updates
on their areas of responsibility:

Mr. Appel, Chilton Middle School Principal
-Recognizing Suzanne Hostettler for Pool Work
-Sharing of MS Peer Helpers and Student Council
Penny Wars - and Purchasing Items for
Salvation Army
Community Caroling
-Musical Auditions

Dr. Schaid, Chilton High School Principal
-Update on 2009/2010 Registration & Scheduling
Dr. Blink, Director of Curriculum, Instruction &
Assessment, District Data Manager, K-12 District
Reading Specialist
-Winter MAP Testing and/or NAEP Assessment

Mrs. Schuster, Chilton Elementary School
-Update on Community Projects/Visits in December

13. Convene into closed session pursuant to State
Stat. 19.82 and 19.85(1)(c)(e) to discuss
administrative contracts.

14. Reconvene in open session and act on matters
discussed in closed session if necessary and

15. Adjournment

Mrs. Debra Hintz, Clerk
Board of Education


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