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Name Ext Position Email Web
Rudig, Mr. Alan 4370 HS Mathematics E-mail
Ruiz, Ms. Christina 2251 ES ELL E-mail
Rusch, Mr. Troy 6106 MS ED E-mail
Salzsieder, Mrs. Sue 6146 ES/MS IMC Specialist E-mail Web
Satzer, Mrs. Virginia HS Nutrition
Saukel, Ms. Chris 4318 HS IMC Specialist E-mail Web
Schaefer, Mrs. Jane 2212 2nd Grade E-mail
Scharinger, Mrs. Lisa ES/MS Nutrition
Schmitz, Mrs. Jane 4367 HS Art E-mail
Schneider, Mrs. Barbara ES Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Schneider, Mrs. Becky HS Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Schneider, Mrs. Paula ES SE Aide E-mail
Schuette, Mrs. Karen 2239 ES Title I E-mail
Schultz, Ms. Laura 6119 7th Grade E-mail
Schuster, Mrs. Pamela 2555 ES Principal; Special Ed Coordinator E-mail
Schwobe, Ms. Kim 6124 6th Grade Literacy E-mail
Sippel, Ms. Abby 2217 ES Speech E-mail
Sohrweide, Mrs. Pat ES SE Aide E-mail
Sromek, Mr. Greg 6121 6th Grade E-mail Web
Stenklyft, Ms. Rosemary 2253 3rd Grade E-mail
Stenz, Mrs. Diane 4302 HS Admin Assistant E-mail
Stephanie, Ms. Linda MS Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Stichman, Mrs. Linda 2204 ES Speech E-mail
Tabbert, Ms. Tammy Custodial E-mail
Thiel, Mrs. Cindy ES SE Aide E-mail
Thielman, Mrs. Amy 4316 HS Vocational Arts E-mail
Tiegs, Mrs. Kim 2252 ES Music, G/T Coordinator E-mail
Tinker, Mr. Bradley ES SE Aide E-mail
Trace, Mr. Timothy 4354 HS Language Arts, Dean of Students E-mail
Van Eperen, Ms. Sara 2227 Kindergarten E-mail
Van Offeren, Mrs. Karen 2214 ES/MS Title I E-mail
Vanderpas, Mrs. Sara 4379 HS Specific Learning Disability E-mail Web
VanderPluym, Mrs. Melanie 2207 ES Cognitive Disability E-mail
VanderZanden, Ms. Katie HS Nutrition
Wagner, Mrs. Ann 6117 8th Grade E-mail
Wagner, Ms. Diana ES/MS Library Aide E-mail
Walber, Mrs. Barb 4309 Business Office E-mail
Walber, Mrs. Joan ES/MS Nutrition
Weber, Mrs. Sharon 2502 ES Secretary E-mail
Wehde, Mr. Matt 2065 ES/MS Physical Ed & Health E-mail
Wettstein, Mr. Bob 4313 Maintenance E-mail
Wilcox, Mrs. Ann HS Nutrition
Wilz, Ms. Jennifer MS Special Ed E-mail
Winkel, Mrs. Marna 2221 1st Grade E-mail Web
Wise, Mr. Joseph 2118 ES Guidance E-mail
Wittmus, Mrs. Nicole ES Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Woelfel, Mrs. Judy HS Exceptional Ed Aide E-mail
Woodcock, Mrs. Jo 2238 ES Art; ES Gifted & Talented E-mail
Wurm, Mr. Russ 4373 HS Social Studies E-mail
Wurm, Mrs. Kay 2250 3rd Grade E-mail
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