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2008-09-15 - Annual School District Meeting Agenda

First published on 11 September 2008 Posted in School Board Agendas & Minutes



Chilton High School Community Room

September 15, 2008

7:00 p.m.      _______________________________________________________________________________


            1.  Call Meeting to Order

            2.  Introduction of School Board Members

            3.  Election of Chairperson

            4.  Reading of Minutes of Last Annual Meeting

            5.  Superintendent’s Address

            6.  Presentation of Budget

            7.  Resolution A – Adoption of Tax Levy

                  Mr./Ms. Chairperson, I move there be levied upon the taxable property of the School District of

                  Chilton the sum of $4,561,986 for the purpose of defraying the operation and maintenance of the

                  public schools of said district for the 2008‑09 school year.

             8.  Resolution B – Authorization to establish Salaries for School Board Members.

             9.  Resolution C – Authorization to Provide Reimbursement of Expense for School Board


            10.   Resolution D  - Authorization to Retain Legal Counsel.

            11.   Resolution  E – Authorization for the School Board to purchase, operate and maintain

                    transportation vehicles and to purchase liability insurance for such vehicles, and to finance

                    contracts for the use and services of such vehicles.

             12.   Resolution F – Authorization for the School Board to Furnish a School Nutrition Program.

             13.   Resolution G – Authorization for the School Board to Furnish Textbooks.

             14.  Resolution H  – To authorize the School Board to make temporary loans for current operation  

                    according to statutory requirements.

             15.  Resolution I – To authorize the Board of Education to set date of 2009 Annual Meeting Date.

             16.   Adjournment

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