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2008 Finance Committee Purpose Statement

First published on 06 August 2008 Posted in School Board News

Finance Committee Purpose Statement

The School District of Chilton Finance Committee will support the educational needs of students and ensure the district's financial stability for the future by educating the public on school finance, providing useful financial reports, investigating process efficiencies and fairly compensating employees.

Finance Committee Goals

Short Term Goals
1. To investigate appropriate and useful financial reports for the Board and public to better
communicate the district's financial position.
2. Negotiate a fair and equitable compensation package with the teacher's union.
3. On a regular basis, provide a news article that will educate the staff and community on school finance.
4. Continually inform the public as to how to attain additional information from and about the School
District of Chilton.
5. Stay informed on current legislation that may affect school finance.

Long Term Goals
1. Work with the Building and Grounds committee on a long range capital projects plan.
2. Work with Administration and the Technology Director on a long range technology plan.
3. Investigate the availability of grants and additional resources.

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