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2016 CHS Marching Band Info

First published on 22 July 2016 Posted in CHS News & Press Releases

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It’s that time again! Time to begin planning for next school year’s marching season!

Music for the show has already been given to students. I ask that all students please have their music memorized before camp begins, as this will make learning the show much easier for them. Also, flip folders will not be permitted on the field this year. To use as practice aides, recordings and extra copies of music are available on Schoology.

In late August we will begin practicing and putting the show together. Listed below are the practice dates and performance dates. We will rehearse weekly on Monday nights from 7-8:30pm, starting August 29th, and ending after our October 7th performance, with the exclusion of Labor Day. Please note the dates and times and take note of any current conflicts. Students will not be excused for practices or performances unless conflicts are recorded by Ms. Kochan in advance.

  • Aug. 15:  9am-12:00pm  FRESHMAN AND NEW MARCHERS ONLY Rehearsal &  Uniform Fittings @ CHS
  • Aug. 16-18:  Band camp at Camp Sinawa: Meet at CHS at 8am on August 16th, return at 12pm on August 18th.
  • Aug. 23:  9am-12:30pm  Rehearsal @ CHS
  • Aug. 24:  9am-12:30pm  Rehearsal @ CHS
  • Aug. 29:  7-8:30pm    Rehearsal @ CHS
  • Sept. 2:   6:30pm Halftime Performance at Morrissey Field  (Roncalli)
  • Sept 12:  7-8:30pm:   Rehearsal @ CHS
  • Sept 16:  6:30pm Halftime Performance at Morrissey Field  (Valders)
  • Sept 19:  7-8:30pm  Rehearsal @ CHS
  • Sept 26:  7-8:30pm  Rehearsal @ CHS
  • Sept 30:  6:30pm Halftime Performance at Morrissey Field  (New Holstein) HOMECOMING
  • Oct 3:  7-8:30pm  Rehearsal @ CHS
  • Oct 7:  6:30pm Halftime Performance at Morrissey Field   (Kiel)

Looking forward to an exciting season!!  Michelle Kochan (


  • What time do I need to be at CHS on August 16th?
    8:00am! We will begin bag and med checks at this time. Busses will leave as soon as everyone is checked. We will return to CHS at 12:30 on August 18th.
  • What do I bring?
    • 1 BAG LUNCH (to be eaten on Tuesday)
    • Sleeping Bag
    • Pillow
    • Toiletries
    • Towels
    • Bug Spray
    • Flashlight
    • Sunscreen
    • Swimwear
    • Raincoat
    • Marching Tennis shoes
    • Waterbottle
    • Sunglasses
    • Your marching instrument
    • Marching Band music
    • Lyre and Flip folder
    • Comfortable clothes for marching
    • Snacks (if you get hungry often) :)
    • Any medication you have--please put in a ziplock bag.
  • What if I lost my marching music or need help practicing over the summer?
    Recordings of all the marching tunes, AND copies of all parts are on Schoology. If you are unable to access these, please email and I will send you what you need.
  • What if I’m in sports?
    If you are in sports (football, dance team, volleyball, cross country, swimming) you will ride TO camp with the band on the 16th.  On the 16th and 17th the busses will take you back to the HS around 2:30pm, and return you to camp around 6:30pm. You will ALWAYS be able to eat meals before you leave camp, and after you return to camp.
  • What does the schedule look like at camp?
    You will receive a set itinerary when you arrive at camp, and some activities may need to be rearranged with weather pending. However, most outdoor rehearsals and sectionals will take place in the morning/early afternoon with music rehearsals/swimming/canoeing/etc in the mid-afternoon/early evening.
  • What happens if there is inclement weather while we are there?
    Rules, regulations, and safety procedures will be discussed, first thing, when we arrive at camp. There are designated safety areas on the premises, which will be included in the tour of the camp.
  • Will I be able to get cell phone reception at camp?
    Barely! In case of emergency, Sinawa’s phone number is (920) 758-2615, and the address is: 9113 Camp Sinawa Rd, Valders, WI 54245
  • What are the facilities like?
    Have no fear, there IS indoor plumbing, electricity, and running water. This camp isn’t as scary as some of you might be thinking. :)
  • What are Camp Expectations?
    • Use of illegal substances are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you are caught with contraband your parents will immediately be contacted and you will be removed from camp.
    • Camp Sinawa is our home for these 2.5 days. It is OUR responsibility to clean up after ourselves so we can be invited back.
    • All school rules, per the student handbook, still apply, as you are representing the Chilton community.

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