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Football Play-Offs: All play versus Football Play-off Proposal

First published on 20 October 2009 Posted in CHS Athletics

As schools request to move from conferences in order to gain entrance into the WIAA football play-off series because of enrollment mismatches and competition levels, the call for all-play in football play-offs has risen once again. In order to alleviate some of these concerns in football only, a proposal is in place to divide the state into seven divisions.   The divisions would consist of eight districts of eight schools. The largest 64 schools will play in division one with the next 64 schools in the following divisions. The remaining 44 would be assigned to division seven (or if the interest has risen, would play reduced-man football). Non-varsity games would be scheduled against traditional conference opponents.  Within the districts, schools will have week one to schedule non-district games with traditional rivals or other opponents.  District games will be played during weeks two through eight. Week nine will be the last game of the regular season and the first week of the play-offs for qualifying teams.

Teams, which finish in first through fourth place in district, will advance to the play-offs. (Tiebreakers must be used to determine district places.) The teams, which finish in the lower portion of their respective district—places five through eight, would be matched with schools, which also finished in places five through eight. The higher seeded team would host through Level 3. If opponents have identical seeds, the team that has hosted the least would host. Level 4 games would be played at neutral sites.   Districts would be matched up against one another during level one based on geography, e.g. east/west or north/south.  The first place winner would take on the fourth place finisher of the other district. Second place finishers would play the third place finishers. In addition, the lower placing teams would play another school from another district based on geography. (One example is fifth place finishers playing fifth place finishers. Sixth place finishers playing one another, etc.) While many will ask “why are we not maintaining traditional conference lines for football,” the object of this proposal is to create districts based on enrollment for better competition for all member schools. In addition, this proposal guarantees a nine game schedule. Lower level games can be scheduled against the existing conference opponents in other sports.

As of now, the WIAA is envisioning Chilton as part of Division 4 District F with the following district opponents and enrollments:

For more information on this topic, please visit the WIAA website.