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The Wisconsin Covenant Pledge


The Wisconsin Covenant Pledge


As Parents and Guardians of eighth grade students, Chilton Middle School would like to make you aware of the Wisconsin Covenant Pledge.  This pledge is open for you and your child to sign and the deadline for doing so is September 30th of students’ freshman year. 

The Pledge has three parts.  The first part is a set of goals for students.  The second is what students can expect during high school, and the third part is what students can expect once they are recognized as Wisconsin Covenant Scholars.

I pledge that:

  • I will graduate from a Wisconsin high school.
  • I will maintain at least a B average while in high school.
  • I will take classes in high school that will prepare me for entrance into higher education and will meet or exceed college entrance requirements.
  • I will demonstrate good citizenship and engage in activities that support my community.
  • I will apply for state and federal financial aid in a timely manner.
  • I will apply and do all that is necessary to gain admission to a University of Wisconsin System institution, a Wisconsin Technical College, and/or a Wisconsin private college or university.

Along the way, I can expect:

  • Support from the Wisconsin Covenant Community.

When I successfully fulfill all covenant requirements, I can expect:

  • Recognition as a Wisconsin Covenant Scholar.
  • A place in a University of Wisconsin System institution, Wisconsin Technical College, or a Wisconsin private college or university.
  • A financial aid package based on my family’s federally-defined financial need.

For More information about the Wisconsin Covenant Pledge, please call Brad Bowman at 920-849-9152 or visit http://www.wisconsincovenant.wi.gov/index.asp?locid=124


Parent Information Nights


Parent Information Nights


Chilton Middle School's

Parent Information Nights


What is PIN?

            In an effort to better communicate between school and parents and to share information on the development of the MS student, we have developed a series of meetings that will address the ever increasing issues surrounding the adolescent / pre-teen child and the pressures and culture that they live in.


When & Where?

•·         Engler Auditorium at the HS

•·         2nd Wednesday nights of each month (See schedule and topics below)

•·         6:30pm                        Refreshments (Provided by the Chilton PTA - THANK YOU!)

•·         7:00pm - 8:00pm        Program


Meeting Dates and Topics:

•·         September 10  - GUEST Speaker      

•o   School-Parent communication - Parent Connect and touring the information on our District Website

•·         October 8 - GUEST Speaker

•o   What is all this testing about?  Sharing what is behind the district assessment (NWEA) and the state test (WKCE). 

•·         November 12 - GUEST Speaker

•o   Technology and your kids - What are they doing and what you should know

•·         December 10 - GUEST Speaker

•o   "Are we listening?  What kids are telling us with their actions and moods and how we can help as parents and educators."

•·         January 14

•o   What skills will your child need to be a 21st Century Learner

•·         February 11

•o   "TBD" To be determined

•·         March 11

•o   "TBD" To be determined

•·         April 8

•o   "TBD" To be determined

•·         May 13

•o   "TBD" To be determined


*** We will select the topics from a survey of parents in attendance as to the last 4 topics for sharing at the information nights based of the information received.  Some possible topics for these nights are:

•·         Bullying and Harassment - What is going on?

•·         Homework and motivation - What can we do to help?

•·         Peer pressure and my child - What is up with this?

•·         Athletics / co-curricular and my child.

•·         The status of the Chilton School Districts budget and the impact on our schools.

•·         Other ideas as presented by parents