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Mrs. Susan Kaphingst

530 W Main Street

Chilton, WI 53014
Dstr. Tel #: (920) 849-8109
CHS Tel #: (920) 849-2358

421 Court Street

Chilton, WI 53014

CES Tel #: (920) 849-9388

CMS Tel #: (920) 849-9152

Network Information For Graduating Seniors


Network Information For Graduating Seniors


Attention Seniors! After you graduate, your H drive on the school computer network, your Gmail and your Google Drive accounts (including documents, presentations, saved media, shared docs and so on) will be deleted. If you want to keep those e-mails and items that you've created, you'll need to transfer them to other personal accounts. There is a handout on the library desk with tips on along with this link...

Network Information For Graduating Seniors

This is also posted on the "CHS Forms and More... for Students"  section of the Chilton Public Schools Website.