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Welcome to Chilton High School

First published on 20 March 2008 Posted in CHS Information

To all our Parents, Students, Community Members, and World Wide Web Guests,

As you should be able to see from our school’s mission, Chilton High School is proud to embrace the concepts of Knowledge, Enthusiasm, and Compassion. This mission guides all of our educational decisions, including curricular and instructional planning, and co-curricular programming. Our mission serves to ground student and faculty life at our high school. Be it in the classroom, on the performance stage, on the athletic field or court, or as one simply journeys through our high school building, we strive to have our mission tangibly and intangibly visible to all who enter the doors of Chilton High School. We offer a comprehensive educational experience for every student and provide faculty with rich and rewarding professional tenures. Come visit us and see for yourself!

We believe in the development of the whole child, i.e. each student’s academic, social, and emotional growth. Yet our approach encompasses the strategic use of a variety of comprehensive formal and informal assessments of student growth. The data we collect and subsequently analyze from those assessments serve to guide our efforts to continuously assure quality instruction leading to unprecedented student achievement. We are here to serve students and provide for their needs as they make their journey through their high school experience. We welcome and are ready to help students and parents with any questions, concerns, or problems they may have regarding our school, our programs, or the high school experience of every student.

Here to serve you,

Dr. Timothy J. Schaid
Principal - Chilton High School