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Planning For Our Students’ Future

Since the passing of the Referendum in April 2022, a visual concept of both the interior and exterior of the Elementary has been developing. This plan/concept is the result of multiple meetings including staff, administration, community and Hoffman Group. The Sports Complex was developed with a group including teachers, community members, Rettler Group and administrators.

THANK YOU for your continued support as we plan for our Students’ Future.

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First published on 05 January 2010 Posted in District News

To School District of Chilton parents, guardians, students and community members,

Just prior to the holiday break, the Chilton Education Association and the Chilton Board of Education ratified the teacher’s contract for the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years. All aspects of the newly ratified contract are retroactive to the start of the 2009-2010 school year. This includes the make-up of snow days. The new contract language indicates that teachers will make-up all snow days for the purpose which they were originally intended. Therefore, the snow day that occurred on Wednesday, December 9, 2009, will be made up on Monday, April 5, 2010. Monday, April 5, 2010 was originally scheduled as part of the spring break holiday. Now, Monday, April 5, 2010 will be an instructional day for all School District of Chilton students. Please mark this change on your calendars accordingly. Any future inclement weather days taken within the 2009-2010 school year will be added on to the end of the school year in June. If any days are added on to the school year in June, parents, students and community members will be notified through school newsletters, the district website, student announcements, and local newspapers.



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Distribution of the SPR Report to Parents and Guardians

First published on 30 November 2009 Posted in District News
According to the statute Wis. Stat. 115.38 ( annually by January 1, each school board shall notify the parent or guardian of each pupil enrolled in the school district of the right to request a school and school district performance report. Annually by May 1, each school board shall, upon request, distribute to the parent or guardian of each pupil, including pupils enrolled in charter schools located in the school district, or give to each pupil to bring home to his or her parent or guardian, a school district performance report.

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First published on 03 November 2009 Posted in District News

For Chilton community residents who were unable to attend the Chilton Public Schools Annual Meeting on October 26, 2009, a video of the meeting will run on the local access channel throughout the month of November.  For residents without cable access, copies of the video will be available at the District Office.  If interested in obtaining a copy of the meeting video, please contact Dawn Bartel at 920-849-8109.

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CHS Fruit Fundraiser

First published on 25 October 2009 Posted in CHS News & Press Releases

The Chilton FFA, AFS and Vocational Arts Clubs will once again be conducting  a fruit sale.  We will be offering the same selections as last year.  Items can be purchased from Oct. 28th through Nov. 11th.  Fruit is estimated to arrive the second week of December.  To place an order please contact any FFA, AFS or Voc. Arts Club member OR you can contact Amy Thielman, Tim Meyer or Derrick Jaeger at Chilton High School.

Download this file (2009_CHS_Fruit.jpg)2009_CHS_Fruit.jpg1729 kB

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CHS Fall Athletic Awards Night Set for Tuesday, Nov. 3

First published on 21 October 2009 Posted in CHS News & Press Releases

The Chilton High School Fall Athletic Awards Night will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 7:00 PM.  The awards ceremony will take place in the Engler Center for the Performing Arts.  Letter winners will be recognized for the following fall sports:  Boys and Girls Cross Country, Football, Football Cheerleading, Girls Swimming, Girls Tennis and Volleyball.

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Chilton FFA Hosts Donkey Basketball: Nov. 5th, 7:30pm

First published on 20 October 2009 Posted in CHS News & Press Releases

Chilton FFA is hosting a Donkey Basketball Game on November 5th, 7:30 p.m. at the CHS large gym. Tickets are $6.00 in advance ($8.00 at the door) and may be purchased at Westend Creations, Schmidt Clothing and Just for You Flowers or by email (

Games include (#1) Chilton Staff Members vs. Chilton High School Students and (#2) Kaytee vs. LDS.

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Football Play-Offs: All play versus Football Play-off Proposal

First published on 20 October 2009 Posted in CHS Athletics

As schools request to move from conferences in order to gain entrance into the WIAA football play-off series because of enrollment mismatches and competition levels, the call for all-play in football play-offs has risen once again. In order to alleviate some of these concerns in football only, a proposal is in place to divide the state into seven divisions.   The divisions would consist of eight districts of eight schools. The largest 64 schools will play in division one with the next 64 schools in the following divisions. The remaining 44 would be assigned to division seven (or if the interest has risen, would play reduced-man football). Non-varsity games would be scheduled against traditional conference opponents.  Within the districts, schools will have week one to schedule non-district games with traditional rivals or other opponents.  District games will be played during weeks two through eight. Week nine will be the last game of the regular season and the first week of the play-offs for qualifying teams.

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